Written on the Body is primarily concerned with perception and the effect of those around us on our own intimate, private world. Each encounter with another seems to change our future and the very fibre of who we are. We are not only changed by those we let into our inner world but we all appear to be interconnected like insects in a web of dynamic energy.  Written on the Body acknowledges these subtle embodied memories through which we become shaped.

The development of this work unfolded from a series of experiments with sensory inputs; sound, image, text, touch and kinaesthetic response. From these early experiments movement material arose that spoke of the sensitive inner worlds of mind-body sensation, interpersonal relationships and intrinsic autonomic responses to external information. Working through a meticulous choreographic and design process that would ultimately support these ideas has been the particular challenge of this work.

Thank you to Natalie Weir and EDC for this opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented ensemble of dancers; Richard Causer, Benjamin Chapman, Michelle Barnett, Jake McLarnon and Alana Sargent. This process was in every way a collaboration for that reason this is their work as much as it is my own. The contribution of dancers Rebecca Hall, Gabe Comerford and Cloudia Elder in the early development phases has greatly effected the creative outcomes and for their input I am truely thankful.  Thanks also to Alana Sargent (costume design) and Ben Hughes (lighting design) for their support of my vision and their creative and collaborative energy.

Choreography: Elise May in collaboration with the dancers; Richard Causer, Benjamin Chapman, Michelle Barnett, Jake McLarnon and Alana Sargent.
Lighting Design: Ben Hughes
Costume Design: Alana Sargent
Audiovisual Design: Elise May in collaboration with Ben Hughes
Music: Excerpts from music by Frank Bretschneider & Ralph Steinbrüchel, Origamibiro, Ólafur Arnalds, Julia Kent, Agnes Obel and Nicholas Jaar.

Written on the Body was created for Propel  EDC’s Tripple Bill Expressions Dance Company March 2017

Pictured: Jake McLarnon. Choreography Elise May Written on the Body for EDC’s Propel Season. Photography: Fiona Cullen

For more information on EDC Expressions Dance Company visit: www.expressionsdancecompany.org.au

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