In Lumen Body  visual and sonic worlds collide in a luminous collaboration between dance, animation, sound and outdoor installation. Performed in three different spaces, four dancers from the company interact with animated visual forms, electronic sound and live vocal performance. Elise May of Expressions Dance Company directed the project and choreographed the movements, while visual artist Michelle Xen’s physical sonic performance combines with Paul Van Opdenbosch’s experimental animations.

Simple geometric sculptures are illuminated by projected imagery that responds to the movement of the dancers’ bodies. Physical and digital objects, bodies and sounds talk to one another and tell visual stories in the illuminated space where three art forms merge and collaborate.

Lumen Body premiered in July 2016 in three locations:
Brisbane Powerhouse (1 July)
Gasometer at Gasworks Plaza Newstead (15 July)
South Bank’s River Quay Green (29 July).

Choreography: Elise May
Animation: Paul Van Opdenbosch
Sound Design and Vocal performance: Michelle Xen
Set Design: Lumen Cloud (Michelle Xen & Richard Candy)
Dancers: Michelle Barnett, Rebecca Hall, Benjamin Chapman and Jake McLarnon

Lumen Body was created for EDC Expressions Dance Company

Pictured: Ben Chapman and Rebecca Hall EDC’s Lumen Body Choreography Elise May Photography: Dylan Evans

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