An early short film/ video experiment that I created about the palette of memories that we share as individuals and collectively as a society through our exposure to media. Shared images from television, popular culture and films mix with our own personal memories to create a kind of hybrid shared experience of our past.

In this short film I was interested in the ‘choreography’ of the video edit and have played with looping and overlapping significant images from my childhood and my father’s childhood captured by my grandfather.  Working as a cinema projectionist in his youth, he became an avid collector of memories using his Super 8mm camera.

I was also interested in the notion of  a ‘digital collage’ and how we play and replay memories in our minds as we do with digital media, a kind of  cataloging our memories by ‘sampling’ and ‘looping’ important images, in effect, weaving new from old and selectively choosing which images to take forward with us into the future. This I believe is evident in the subjective nature of our memories and our selective nostalgia of the past.

Music arrangement and composition by DJ TR!P
Original tracks: ‘How Big Birds Got Their Colours’ by The New Pollutants; Benjamin Speed & DJ TR!P and ‘Tropical Thorn’ by DJ TR!P
Source tracks by: Yan Tiersen Saint-Saëns and Aphex Twin

Original Super 8mm footage captured by William George May
Videography and edit by Elise May