Così Fan Tutte
Secondate, aurette amiche

The opera, Così fan tutte, might suggest that men think and communicate with one another in ways that are intriguing, especially to the opposite sex.  This idea was the starting point for this collaborative exploration for three men.

Choreography: Elise May
Dancers: Benjamin Chapman, Richard Causer
and Jake McLarnon.
Singers: Samuel Piper and Dominic J. Walsh

Don Giovanni
Mi tradì quell’alma ingrata

This solo is created in response to the intricacies of the demanding vocal structure and emotional landscape that the music evokes. Hayley Sugar’s strong interpretation has influenced my choices and we have worked together to develop a shared gestural language.

Choreographer and dancer: Elise May
Singer: Hayley Sugars

Lindy Hume and Natalie Wier, Artistic directors of Opera Queensland and EDC conceived Mozart Airborne as a heady mix of opera arias and ensembles drawn from existing theatre and concert works, contemporary choreography and dance, virtuoso piano recital, theatre and lighting design. The six choreographers for Mozart Airborne all chose their own arias, and were given a simple brief about the vision for the whole work.  They were encouraged to bring their own vision to the aria – to understand, but not necessarily be literal with the text of the arias, and let the music inspire them.

These works were created for EDC Expressions Dance Company

Pictured: Benjamin Chapman, Richard Causer, Jake McLarnon, Samuel Piper and Dominic J. Walsh EDC’s Mozart Airborne Choreography Elise May Photography: FenLan Chuang

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