Elise is a dancer with EDC Expressions Dance Company, under the artistic directorship of Natalie Weir in Brisbane, Australia. Her performance roles at EDC  include Natalie Weir’s signature works such as “Where The Heart Is”, “While Other’s Sleep”, “Don’t”, “R & J”, “Carmen”, “When Time Stops”, “7 Deadly Sins”, “The Host”, “The Red Shoes” and “Behind Closed Doors”.

In 2011 Elise was a finalist for the Australian Dance Award ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer’ for her role as the ‘grandmother’ in Natalie Weir’s  “Where the Heart Is” and in 2012 was awarded the ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer’ for her role as ‘Juliet’ – Act III’ in Natalie Weir’s  “R & J”.  She was also shortlisted  for Helpmann Awards for her performances in “The Red Shoes” in 2015 and “Behind Closed Doors” in 2018.


Prior to joining Expressions Dance Company as a performer, Elise had a range of experience as and independent artist. Elise took on performance roles with variety of choreographers who’s approaches to choreography, collaboration and performance are diverse. Elise also developed her practice as a solo performer/ choreographer and worked on a series of self devised works. Some notable independent performance projects in which Elise has participated include:

“Close Proximity” A self devised solo performance installation at the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art and in the Brisbane Festival 09 Under the Radar Program.

“TiLT” Collaborated with Russell Miledge & Rebecca Youdell (Bonemap) and Lawrence English (composer) as part of the On Edge Contemporary Media and Performance Festival, Cairns.

“Accented Body” Performer/ Collaborator in Dr Cheryl Stock’s 2006 Brisbane Festival Project. Australian, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese and UK artists exploring cultural
and artistic collaborations and new media at the Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove.

Recipient of the 2006 “Take Your Partner” Australia Council grant for a supported mentorship period with Wendy Morrow and creative development of a new solo performance installation work – “Dare you Look” September/ October 2006.

“Churchill’s Black Dog” Performer/ Collaborator. A work by Clare Dyson, at the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts Brisbane in April, and the ANU Arts Centre in Canberra in September 2005.

“Dispatch” Performer. A multimedia dance production by directors Chrissie Parrot (choreographer) and Jonathon Mustard (composer) at the Creative Industries Precinct theatre ‘the Loft’, Brisbane and the ‘Breadbox’ theatre, Perth.

Expressions Dance Company – Under Artistic Directorship of Maggie Sietsma worked with the company as an understudy for their production of “Richard III”.

Expressions Dance in Education program – toured “Chance the Dance” and “Lines in the Sand” programs in High Schools and Primary Schools throughout regional Queensland.

Performed with RAWcollective in their work “Submerged” at the North Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival IN 2003.

Invited to perform “Swanstyles.mpeg” a self devised/multimedia solo as part of Linkx WAAPA Graduate Dance Company’s showcase season at Dancehouse, Melbourne in December 2002.

Performer/ costume designer “Ada” in a six week interdisciplinary residency project at the Choreographic Centre, ACT, as part of a New Media/ Choreographic Fellowship by Sarah Neville. Collaborated with a hardware electronics designer, musician, sound engineer, actor and choreographer/ theatre director.

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Pictured: Elise May & Ben Chapman EDC’s Behind Closed Doors by Natalie Weir Photography Chris Herzfeld

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